Zabai Myanmar Wins Inclusive Innovative Competition at Nordic Day

Nordic Day is an annual event jointly hosted at the Nordic House by the embassies of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway to promote Nordic development cooperation and Nordic Businesses in Myanmar. The event, held on 15 February 2019, was combined with an inclusive innovative competition which sought affordable, accessible, applicable and scalable solutions for all segments of society. Zabai Myanmar was invited to participate together with various innovative firms and we introduced our Entrepreneurship e-Learning Course named “How to Start a Business”.

“How to Start a Business” e-learning course is designed for those who wish to learn everything about starting a business but either time or financial constraint keeps them from taking a physical class. As a solution, Zabai Myanmar has developed this course that people can access via their electronic devices at affordable price on anytime anywhere. Guests and fellow contestants at the event were invited to try the course at Zabai table and there were a lot of positive reactions and happy faces.

The highest honor of the night came when the panel of the judges announced Zabai Myanmar as one of the winners of the competition, alongside Telenor Myanmar and Pandita Development Institute. On why Zabai was selected, one of the judges said,

“Zabai Myanmar is a small enterprise that has produced an e-learning program targeting young entrepreneurs and SMEs in a way that is easily accessible and affordable, we find it innovative and inspiring”.

It is a great achievement for Zabai Team and we would like thank Nordic House for hosting the event, all the judges for their encouragements, all the guests and fellow participants for their positive feedbacks and last not the least, we would like to thank Kavlifondet for their collaboration in creating “How to Start a Business” course.

Zabai hosts office warming party

Zabai held office warming party and a small seminar on e-learning on 29th January 2019 in their brand-new office at Pansodan Business Tower. A total of 60 invited guests from prominent NGOs, local and international companies and educational institutions were present at the event which begun with a speech from Ms Tone Tinnes, Ambassador of Norway.

Ms Tinnes said “Just a few years ago, it was difficult to get a sim card in Myanmar. Now the situation is totally different. Every place you go in Myanmar, you see people using smartphones and tablets. So, E-learning is something the country can really deploy to reach and educate people from anywhere.”

Located on the Corner of Pansodan Road and Anawyatha Road, Zabai is a relatively new company with a core mission to provide high-quality education for young people in Myanmar. The education will be provided through e-learning, video lessons and blended learning distributed through a platform specifically created for developing countries. Ivar Viktil, Managing Director of Zabai, gave a presentation about Zabai’s missions and coming projects.

“Nothing can replace a good, qualified and caring teacher and we would like to make the best teachers available on the phones by providing quality content through a reliable technology platform”, said Ivar during the presentation.

Ms Hla Hla Win, founder of 360ed provided a talk on “Augmented Reality in Education” which was followed by the presentation on “Better Learning Program” from Mr. Fabio Mancini of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). The session was concluded with a presentation on “Realizing Digital Myanmar” by Mr. Min Thu of Telenor.

There were also two workshops after the event, each hosted by Zabai and 360ed, where guests were encouraged to participate and learn the available courses on standby computers.

All the presentations from the event can be downloaded here:







Zabai: (Remember audio)

Smart and Safe in Digital Space


International Youth Day is commemorated every year on the 12 August and the theme for International Youth Day 2018 is “Safe Space for Youth”.

This year theme especially aims at providing safety in civic spaces, public spaces, digital spaces, and well-planned physical spaces where youths of every nation can join and engage in various activities to their diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and freely express themselves.

To keep in touch with our tech-driven and interconnected world, people of different generations are using internet and social media in their everyday lives. They are using internet usage and social media for everything from taking photos of breakfast to reading business and political headlines. In honor of International Youth Day, we compile some helpful tips to create safe digital space for youths from all over the world.

  •          We know that everyone loves “Facebooking” but facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account. (Age requirement is same for twitter and Instagram).
  •          There are consequences of oversharing on social media. Don’t forget to protect your privacy, personal information and stay smart online.
  •          “Sign in” and “Sign out” in public computers. When using public computers in office, cybercafe or library, be sure to sign out from every email and social networking account.
  •          Create strong passwords and keep them secure. You are going to forget some passwords anyway. Don’t forget to add account recovery options by using email address or phone numbers.
  •          Think before you post. You’ve got be careful with what you post online because what you post on the internet is permanent after all (there are “Screenshot” and “Save”) and can quickly spread to other users beside your Friends and Followers.

Youths from the different backgrounds need to be assured of respect and self-worth in digital space to contribute themselves to community development. Zabai has been developing new ways and rules in LMS courses to court those essences of the nation who are also known as “Youths”. Our E-learning courses are helping especially youths from the developing nations to grow in technologically connected world.

Zabai with Myanmar's Digital Generation

In Myanmar, young people account for more than a third of the total population according to the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census. This youngster group is quick in adopting tech-first based solutions to the country’s very own digital transformation. They prefer going digital in their everyday life ranging from political issues, business innovations and jobs to hiring taxi and ordering food online.

Now is the time the generation finally accelerates progress in digital education to foster innovations, raise productivity and increase quality and equity in the way other sectors have. In addition to this movement, Zabai is committed to supporting much- needed resources of Myanmar e-learning environment. Our core components of the courses are created by the experts, who have 20 years experiences in e-learning industry, to enhance the life skills, cognitive skills and knowledge of Myanmar youths.

myanmar with zabai.jpg


Our courses are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to acquire. Moreover, the course contents are localized to identify Myanmar people needs and they are at the same time provided in English language as well as Myanmar language.

Having a clear goal to provide high-quality education for people in developing countries, Zabai is now actively working together with professional associations and NGOs to promote digital education in Myanmar.