Anyone can be Financially Capable_

An Awarding Ceremony for the winners of UNCDF’s Innovation Challenge was held in Rose Garden Hotel (in Yangon, Myanmar) on 16th August 2019.

Zabai is among the five winners of the Financial Literacy Innovation Challenge alongside with ONOW, Thitsa Works, Koe Koe Tech, and Monkiri, all which signed the agreement to develop a respective product to help achieving greater financial inclusion in Myanmar.

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As part of the deal, Zabai will continue to produce an e-learning course on the topic of Financial Literacy with the particular focus on Low-Income Women from rural and conflict areas of Myanmar.

Despite their lack of knowledge in financial literacy, this group of women is still the lead in managing their daily household cash management and some even participate in financial planning to secure the future of the whole family.

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Zabai’s Financial Literacy Course will be of Great Help in coping with their significant financially challenges from their daily expenses and correspondingly, by encouraging them to use financial literacy as a tool to manage their financial resources effectively, reaching financial security and freedom.

As part of the project, Team Zabai went far to Myitkyina, a city from Northern Part of Myanmar, last week to participate in “Journey to Financial Inclusion Workshop” hosted by UNCDF. Many forms of possible solutions for financial Inclusion are provided with the main focus on Women of different ages.

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The event was largely populated by women from diverse Kachin financial institution, as well as a number of companies and NGOs displaying their relevant products.


Zabai’s latest e-learning course “Financial Literacy” made its first appearance at the City Hall, introducing technology solutions to overcome the barriers of financial knowledge among women from remote areas. Soon, the course will be tested with a minimum of 1,000 women throughout the whole country.

Our Special thank goes to UNCDF, Zabai team were able to learn cultural values and connect with a variety of local organizations which will be the main source in delivering our promises to women.

E-learning course comes together with Packaged Tutorial Workshop

It is time for the workshop again_

Team Zabai visited Hpa-an to facilitate Packaged Tutorial Workshop for three of our Zabai courses: "How to start a Business", "Zabai Beginner English Course" and "Digital Literacy".

26 Trainers and 140 students from GTHS Hpa An (in collaboration with ADRA Myanmar) and YEP Programme which is a part of Norway Refugee Council (NRC) were brought together to test our Demo courses and to discuss their difficulties and struggles in embracing e-learning to their developing communities.

Feedback from one of the participants_

Team Zabai is funny and so friendly! And their lesson content and illustrations are interesting and i especially enjoy watching video lessons”

During this one week of face to face communication, Team Zabai shared the ideas of using our e-learning courses as a way of blended learning activity in local classrooms. Moreover, our engaging participants brought up their numerous interesting experiences from testing and using our courses. All of their positive and negative feedback will help us to add great values to Zabai’s both existing and new courses.

Team Zabai would like to express our deepest appreciations to Governmental Technical High School (Hpa an), ADAR Myanmar and NRC Myanmar for giving us this opportunity to serve you.

Zabai Myanmar Wins Inclusive Innovative Competition at Nordic Day

Nordic Day is an annual event jointly hosted at the Nordic House by the embassies of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway to promote Nordic development cooperation and Nordic Businesses in Myanmar. The event, held on 15 February 2019, was combined with an inclusive innovative competition which sought affordable, accessible, applicable and scalable solutions for all segments of society. Zabai Myanmar was invited to participate together with various innovative firms and we introduced our Entrepreneurship e-Learning Course named “How to Start a Business”.

“How to Start a Business” e-learning course is designed for those who wish to learn everything about starting a business but either time or financial constraint keeps them from taking a physical class. As a solution, Zabai Myanmar has developed this course that people can access via their electronic devices at affordable price on anytime anywhere. Guests and fellow contestants at the event were invited to try the course at Zabai table and there were a lot of positive reactions and happy faces.

The highest honor of the night came when the panel of the judges announced Zabai Myanmar as one of the winners of the competition, alongside Telenor Myanmar and Pandita Development Institute. On why Zabai was selected, one of the judges said,

“Zabai Myanmar is a small enterprise that has produced an e-learning program targeting young entrepreneurs and SMEs in a way that is easily accessible and affordable, we find it innovative and inspiring”.

It is a great achievement for Zabai Team and we would like thank Nordic House for hosting the event, all the judges for their encouragements, all the guests and fellow participants for their positive feedbacks and last not the least, we would like to thank Kavlifondet for their collaboration in creating “How to Start a Business” course.

Zabai hosts office warming party

Zabai held office warming party and a small seminar on e-learning on 29th January 2019 in their brand-new office at Pansodan Business Tower. A total of 60 invited guests from prominent NGOs, local and international companies and educational institutions were present at the event which begun with a speech from Ms Tone Tinnes, Ambassador of Norway.

Ms Tinnes said “Just a few years ago, it was difficult to get a sim card in Myanmar. Now the situation is totally different. Every place you go in Myanmar, you see people using smartphones and tablets. So, E-learning is something the country can really deploy to reach and educate people from anywhere.”

Located on the Corner of Pansodan Road and Anawyatha Road, Zabai is a relatively new company with a core mission to provide high-quality education for young people in Myanmar. The education will be provided through e-learning, video lessons and blended learning distributed through a platform specifically created for developing countries. Ivar Viktil, Managing Director of Zabai, gave a presentation about Zabai’s missions and coming projects.

“Nothing can replace a good, qualified and caring teacher and we would like to make the best teachers available on the phones by providing quality content through a reliable technology platform”, said Ivar during the presentation.

Ms Hla Hla Win, founder of 360ed provided a talk on “Augmented Reality in Education” which was followed by the presentation on “Better Learning Program” from Mr. Fabio Mancini of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). The session was concluded with a presentation on “Realizing Digital Myanmar” by Mr. Min Thu of Telenor.

There were also two workshops after the event, each hosted by Zabai and 360ed, where guests were encouraged to participate and learn the available courses on standby computers.

All the presentations from the event can be downloaded here:







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