E-learning course comes together with Packaged Tutorial Workshop

It is time for the workshop again_

Team Zabai visited Hpa-an to facilitate Packaged Tutorial Workshop for three of our Zabai courses: "How to start a Business", "Zabai Beginner English Course" and "Digital Literacy".

26 Trainers and 140 students from GTHS Hpa An (in collaboration with ADRA Myanmar) and YEP Programme which is a part of Norway Refugee Council (NRC) were brought together to test our Demo courses and to discuss their difficulties and struggles in embracing e-learning to their developing communities.

Feedback from one of the participants_

Team Zabai is funny and so friendly! And their lesson content and illustrations are interesting and i especially enjoy watching video lessons”

During this one week of face to face communication, Team Zabai shared the ideas of using our e-learning courses as a way of blended learning activity in local classrooms. Moreover, our engaging participants brought up their numerous interesting experiences from testing and using our courses. All of their positive and negative feedback will help us to add great values to Zabai’s both existing and new courses.

Team Zabai would like to express our deepest appreciations to Governmental Technical High School (Hpa an), ADAR Myanmar and NRC Myanmar for giving us this opportunity to serve you.